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Voices for the cinema

Short selection

The Danish Girl, French voices for various characters (ADR)*, Working Title Films, director Tom Hooper
Le Weekend, French voices for various characters (ADR)*, Weekend Productions, Sync or Swim, director Roger Michell
Robin Hood, French voices for soldiers (ADR)*, Sync or Swim, director Ridley Scott
Largo Winch, voice of Vladimir, head technician, Gaumont & Dupuis Productions 
Incognito, director Noël Davis, various voices (ADR)
The Proprietor, director Merchant & Ivory, various voices (ADR)
Anna Karenina, producer Louis Elman, various voices (ADR)
Beautiful People, Tall Stories Productions, main voice (ADR)
Vanity Fair, BBC, various voices (ADR)
* (ADR): Additional Dialogues Replacement 

Voices for Television | Documentaries

Short selection

The Missing, French voices for various characters (ADR)*, Starz, BBC1, Sync or Swim, director Tom Shankland
Valletta, the Heartbeat of Malta, TV docu-drama, narration main character voice, Jonathan Rich, France
Classical Destinations, music documentary, French voice for Simon Callow, production: PeterBeveridge
A world to explore, main French voice for trailer, Discovery HD showcase, Europe
Deadliest catch, main French voice for trailer, Discovery HD Showcase, Europe
Rolex : awards, « Przewalski's horses », main voice, documentary 

Voices for Radio

Short selection

London Vs Paris, BBC Radio 4, history documentary, voices of : Charles Baudelaire, Jules Vallès, Remy de Gourmont , Henri de Montherlant, Camille Pissarro, Gaston Jollivet, Théophile Gauthier..., produced by Liza Greig, UK

Commercials for the Cinema | Television | Radio

Short selection

Aldi Swiss, Panetteria, TV commercial, Motion Picture House, Switzerland
Skip (Persil), TV commercial, French television channels, DLKW Lowe, France
Esso Express, national radios, France
Electrolux, ovens Combisteam, French television channels, France 
Renault Megane, National radio campaign, UK
Iomega, computer, French radios, France
Royal Cones, ice creams, TV & cinema, Outsider Productions, France 
Planet Football, director Daryl Goodrich for Channel 4, UK 
Phileas Fogg, commercials, Paramount Channel, UK 
Aquafresh, tooth brush, French radios, France
Les Restaurants Français, for cinemas in London, UK

Voices for Videos | Corporate

Short selection

British Gypsum, How to Videos, YouTube, French narrator voice
Matisse: La lecon de Piano, Sotheby's International, voice of painter Matisse
Defitelio, medicine, London, video pharmaceutical presentation, main French voice, Nitrogen Productions 
Polar M400, heart rate monitor, London, web video, main French voice, Vermillion Films
SONY, London, products presentation, main French voice, Sony Group, PepperRafferty
GE Capital, London, corporate video, narrator voice, TVC Group
Zonescorp, Abu Dhabi, tradeshow presentation video, narrator voice, AV Productions
Les Bordes, France, website & brochure presentation video, narrator voice, The Bank
Esso UK, London, Passion for service, cartoon voices, VSI 
Shell France, lip-synching, voice of Steve Miller, production Shell TV International 
Euro Disney Paris, main male voice, production Dunlop Woods Network 
Bally International, lip-synching, voice of Mr Pierre, production David Freeman 
Eurofighter 2000 (1&2) main voice, British Aerospace 
Pilkington double glazing, corporate

Voices for CD Rom | Video games

Short selection

Captain America (Video Game), French voice of Arnim Zola, Marvel ComicsGames, Matt Fraction
Sega, PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP
Iron man II (Video Game), French voice of Ghost Marvel Comics Games, Matt Fraction 
Sega, PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP 
Driver 2 (PlayStation Game), French voices of Boss and gangsters, All In The Game, Philip Morris 
Dark Omen (Computer Game), French voice of Commander Klaus Zimmermann
Warhammer Games, Electronic Arts 
Glowball (Electronic foot ball game), Voices of the French supporters
Talking Heads Production


Short selection

Canal Jimmy (Cartoons), Various voices for various cartoons for Canal Jimmy, London 

French learning methods

Short selection

Instant French, Hodder & Stoughton 
Façon de parler, Hodder & Stoughton 
Teach Yourself French, Hodder & Stoughton

Various voices

Short selection
Character Voices 
Cartoon Voices
Audio Books 
Scripts & Commercials translation French to English